the Power of Heightcontrol

Our main development objective was to create a new golf Tee that, in essence, significantly improves golf players’ performance. Golf players are very much aware of the importance of a controllable play sequence for good Tee boxing and drive. A further key ingredient is performance consistency. A Tee supports performance consistency if it can ensure the same golf ball height for every hit. Lignum Tee makes this possible. Its ring system has been developed with this key requirement in mind.


Optimal Height Every Time Provides Consistency

The optimal height is a key ingredient for a longer Tee boxing and drive. Experience shows that it is close to impossible to achieve height consistency with traditional Tees. If too much time is used to fine tune the Tee height, concentration and play fluency are impaired. The Lignum Tee design objectives have been to eliminate these hindrances. Its ring system has been designed to quickly and easily put a Tee in the desired position at an ideal height


Gain distance 

Gain Self-confidence

The ring system is the tool that allows setting up the same height over and over again. It makes it easy to consistently hit the sweet spot. This way, you further your hit and improve your self-confidence.