The Lignum Tee Family!


3 1/8“ (82mm)

2 3/4“ (72mm) 

2 1/2“ (62mm) 

2 1/8“ (53mm) 

1 1/2“ (38mm)    !! Meet our new tiny guy !!





3 1/8“ (82mm) Colours:Classic White, Classic Mix, Special Mix:12 psc/bag

2 3/4“ (72mm) Colours: Classic White, Classic Mix, Special Mix  Special Edition Colors : 12 psc/bag

2 1/2“ (62mm) Colours: Classic White and Classic Mix: 16 psc/bag

2 1/8“ (53mm) Colours: Classic White, Classic Mix, Special Mix:16 psc/bag

1 1/2“ (38mm) Farben: Classic White, Special Mix: 16 st/bag





Special Edition Colors



2 3/4“ (72mm)   Punchy Pink  12 Pcs/Bag 

2 3/4“ (72mm)   Spinning Orange 12 Pcs/Bag

2 3/4“ (72mm)   Driving Blue 12 Pcs/Bag

2 3/4“ (72mm)   Flying Purple 12 Pcs/Bag

2 3/4“ (72mm)   Hitting Green 12 Pcs/Bag


All Special Edition Colors in one Bag!


3 1/8" (82mm) 12 psc/bag

2 3/4" (72mm) 12 psc/bag

2 1/8" (53mm) 16 psc/bag


Tee Bag with Boost Disc



2 3/4“ (72mm)   10 Tees in Classic White and  2 Boost Discs / Bag 

3 1/8“ (82mm)   10 Tees in Classic White and 2 Boost Discs /Bag



the Power of Heightcontrol

Our main development objective was to create a new golf Tee that, in essence, significantly improves golf players’ performance. Golf players are very much aware of the importance of a controllable play sequence for good Tee boxing and drive. A further key ingredient is performance consistency. A Tee supports performance consistency if it can ensure the same golf ball height for every hit. Lignum Tee makes this possible. Its ring system has been developed with this key requirement in mind.

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The Power of Microwood.

To innovate, one needs to think out of the box. We have invested significant time and effort looking for a material that brings about the highest benefits to the new Tee. None of the already used materials satisfied the newly created very demanding specifications. Lab tests have shown that neither synthetic materials nor natural wood could provide the required levels of flexibility, stability and sturdiness, along with sustainability, aggregated into a single product. To overcome the situation, we decided to become trailblazers and to develop a new material – we have created Microwood. Based on wood fiber and natural adhesives, it has all the qualities needed by the outstanding golf Tee we set out to produce.

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EasyExit- our smart Packaging

An innovative product requires innovative packaging.

Experience shows that opening a traditional Tee package messes up your golf bag. The Lignum Smart Bag does not need to be opened in the first place. Its Easy Exit lock allows removing one Tee at a time, without the need to tear apart the package, thus preserving your golf bag order. Not yet used Tees will be safely saved in the package until needed. Moreover, this package protects your fingers and hands from Tee tip pricks.