Small with great Effect.

The handy Matchbook is made of high quality cardboard and is equipped with four Lignum teas. The teas, even all colored teas, can be printed on the head and shaft as desired with lettering and logo.





The perfect advertising item.

The Lignum  Matchbook offers the flexibility to present your corporate design in the best possible way. The high quality cardboard tee boxes in handy matchbook format come equipped with four Lignum Tees. The Tees can be customized as well and are waiting to be dressed. Printing is possible on the shaft and on the head. 




Look, that's new! 

Safe Bag, a novelty in Golf.


Offering something new and affordable to customers is not easy. The Safe Bag can do both. In addition, it's just convenient, chic, and - once in the hand - you can not put it away.