Just Perfekt

Starting with a white sheet of paper provides an enviable advantage – one can dream about the best with no regard for the legacy. This is the situation we have been in when we decided to design a new Tee. We started by identifying all the features that will make a great Tee. We have considered several designs, forms and materials and selected the ones that best satisfy the requirements of a highest-performance Tee. Based on this selection, we set out to build in innovative functions, which give the new Tee a decisive edge over competing products. The effort paid off, as we managed to incorporate into the new design key differentiating and functionality-augmenting features.

LIGNUM TEE - Since 2002

It has been with enormous pride

that we introduced Lignum Tee to the market during the 2002 Golf Europe. The height-control ring system, the innovative design with the Anti-Spin Head and the revolutionary material became the persuasive signature features of Lignum Tee. Over five million players in more than twenty countries have made it the most used Tee in Europe. Outstanding among its unique features is also the quality, which is appreciated not only in Europe, but also in America and throughout Asia. All these are vivid proof that we have succeeded in our endeavor.

Research, Development

Quality, Reliability

We continue to focus on a moving target – satisfying the continuously increasing demands of golf players, be they our customers or our customers-to-be. We manufacture only in Europe, which has a long tradition in the pursuit of quality. We have put in place a second-to-none manufacturing process with adequate quality control and reliability testing procedures. Above all, however, we live by the motto that quality and reliability are built in during the design, development and manufacturing phases, rather than controlled and tested in the end. The close cooperation of our most dedicated design team with high profile golf players is the guarantee that improvements will keep coming in the future.